The Original & Best School Leavers Hoodies

Leavers Hoodies Photo Gallery

The original & best leavers hoodies in action. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

2018 leavers back designs in action in a range of colours.
School hoodie with printed design text on front.
19 college, uni, graduation hoodie with custom printed logo and text
Graffiti design leavers hoodies in red and purple colours.
Custom made printed and embrodierd school and uni hoodie
Leavers sweatshirts and jumpers 18 colours
Uni society hoodie with logo, badge text and names.
School leavers hoodies with embrodierd school logos and 18 design with names on back.
Fashionable school leavers hoodie. College and university fashion statement.
Uni society hoodie. College style clothing. Trend fashion.
Printed club and team hoodie in a range of colours and designs.
Leavers hoodies front design ideas in a range of colours.
College and high school style hoodie.
Names in number 18 leavers hoodies.
High School style varsity jacket.
Varsity Hoodie in yellow and burgundy with printed logo.
College and uni hoodie in royal blue colour with embrodierd name.
2018 school leavers hoodies in range of colours, styles and designs.